About the Artist

Harold Grinspoon

Harold Grinspoon — Born 1929, Newton, MA.
Lives and works in Western MA and NYC.

I have had a long, fruitful career in business, specifically real estate. After beating the odds and surviving cancer 30 years ago, I felt a yearning to do something more meaningful with my life, and created the Harold Grinspoon Foundation with my wife, Diane Troderman. Our flagship program, PJ Library delivers more than 680,000 free Jewish books to children monthly in 32 countries and an additional 190,000 Arab books monthly.

In 2014 at the age of 84, I had another personal awakening, and began a third career as an artist. Something as simple as a large tree falling in my backyard shifted my whole perception of life, mortality, immortality, beauty, and form. For reasons I cannot fully explain, I did not want this downed tree removed from my yard. I wanted to transform it into a work of art. “The Beauty of Nature,” a cherry tree, became my first sculpture, propelling me along an unstoppable path of creativity.

In the years since, I have produced over 140 sculptures. Many are large scale, exterior works made from reclaimed trees, branches, and driftwood, inspiring me to experiment with form, movement, and color. More recent sculptures include working with amber, reflective steel and glass spheres, acrylic and steel rods, and other objects.

Several are now installed in public spaces across Massachusetts and nationally. Open Arms is on view on the front lawn of the Bulfinch building at Massachusetts General Hospital where it welcomes all patients who enter the hospital’s doors. Another is installed on the campus of Kent State University in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the shootings.

I’ve spent a lifetime evolving as a person, attempting to grow and expand my thinking and capacity for caring and generosity and being present in the moment. Art has ultimately been the gift that unlocked more understanding than I could have imagined. My work with materials that were once alive, are being given a new life, and appreciating their beauty in a new way, has allowed me to grapple with themes of mortality and immortality.

Harold Grinspoon


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Harold honored in NYC 8 over 80 in 2020 – by Nick Davis

Behind the scenes at Harold Grinspoon Sculptures

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About the Artist’s Work

Harold Grinspoon Sculptures

Juried Group Exhibitions

2023"Everest", SculptureNow: The Mount, Lenox, MA
2021“Effervescent”, Best of Show, Land of Enchantment: Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA.
2021“Joy”, SculptureNow: The Mount, Lenox, MA.
2021“Entangled”, Art in the Orchard: The 6th Biennial. Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA.
2019“Bound Triad”, Interludes - Art in the Park Biennial: Worcester, MA.
2019“Reunited”, A Celebration of Sculpture: Jewish Community Center of Tucson, AZ.
2018“Family Reunion”, Cross Town Contemporary Art: University Museum of Contemporary Art, Amherst, MA.
2018“Bound Triad”, SculptureNow: The Mount, Lenox, MA.
2018“Wildwood I”, Art in the Orchard: Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA.
2017“The Beauty of Nature”, SculptureNow: The Mount, Lenox, MA.

Public Installations

2023"Waves", Aspen Management, Agawam, MA
2023"Salmon River Jewels III", Aspen Management, Agawam, MA
2023"High Five II", Aspen Management, Southwick, MA
2023"Dream Catcher", MGM Casino, Springfield, MA
2023"Tulip", Stamford Museum & Nature Center, Stamford, CT
2023"Nature's Harp", Mercy Medical Center, Springfield, MA
2022"Yikes Bikes II", DCR Norwottuck Rail Trail, Northampton, MA
2022“High Five”, Center Green, Town of West Springfield, MA.
2022“Yikes Bikes”, Bike Way”, Connecticut River Walkway and Bikeway, West Springfield, MA.
2022“Orion’s Belt”, Kendrick Park, Amherst, MA.
2021“Entwined II”, Mittineague Park, West Springfield, MA.
2021“Effervescent”, Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, MA.
2021“Twister”, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA.
2021“Entangled”, Park Hill Orchard, Easthampton, MA.
2020”Juniper Maximus”, Austen Riggs, Old Corner House Lawn, Main Street, Stockbridge, MA.
2020“Phoenix”, First Congregational Church and Town Center, Lee, MA.
2020“Joy”, The Mount, Lenox, MA.
2020“Epiphany”, Wojtkiewicz Park, Westfield, MA.
2019 - 2022“Family Reunion”, Kendrick Park, Amherst, MA.
2019“Rainbow”, Kent State University, Kent, OH.
2019 - 2022“Flag”, Center Green, Town of West Springfield, MA.
2019 - 2022“Bike Way”, Connecticut River Walkway and Bikeway, West Springfield, MA.
2019“Reunited”, Jewish Community Center of Tucson, AZ.
2019“Marooned”, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.
2019“Chameleon”, Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA.
2018“Open Arms”, Bulfinch Lawn, Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA.
2018“Life”, Bay Path University, Longmeadow, MA.
2018 - 2022“Flames”, MGM Casino, Springfield, MA.

Private Collections

2023"The Galley", Aspen, CO
2022"Mishegas", Long Island, NY
2022“Joy”, Private Collection, Weston, MA.
2021“Sisters”, Private Collection, Weston, MA.
2021“Juniper Rocks”, Private Collection, Weston, MA.
2020“Enchanted”, Private Collection, Idaho.
2019“Cedar & Steel”, Private Collection, Aspen, CO.

Solo Exhibitions

2023Museum of Science, Harold Grinspoon Exhibition, Boston, MA
• “Amber Globes”, created 2021
2022-presentHarold Grinspoon | Sculptures, EcoTarium, Worcester, MA
• “Mellow Head”, created 2021
• “Salmon River Jewels II”, created 2020
• “Celestial”, created 2020
• “Bird of Paradise”, created 2019
2022Harold Grinspoon | Sculptures, Stevens-Coolidge House & Gardens
• “Dinosaur”, created 2021
• “Mountain Dew”, created 2021
2020, 2021-presentHarold Grinspoon | Sculptures, Look Park, Florence, MA
• “The Beauty of Nature”, created 2014
• “Windows”, created 2017
• “Entwined I”, created 2018
• “Sentinel”, created 2020
• “Chroma Quartet”, created 2020
• “Galactic Voyagers”, 2021
• “Matrix”, created 2021
2018, 2021 – presentHarold Grinspoon | Sculptures, Eastern States Exposition, West Springfield, MA
• “Chameleon”, created 2018
• “Fireworks”, created 2020